Fireplace facelift

I’m a big fan of giving things a facelift instead of ripping them out and replacing them.  Sometimes ripping things out is the right thing to do.  Old linoleum anyone?  However, “repurposing” is the buzzword of the day and I can get on board with that.

The orange tones of the wood in this fireplace and the red brick made it a bit outdated and presented a challenge for picking a new paint color for this living room.  Painting over the whole unit wasn’t an option my client wanted to consider.  They still wanted it to look like wood and brick.  I can appreciate that as well.  As much as I love paint, maybe not EVERYthing should be painted over. Gulp.

Here is the fireplace before:


We decided on the lovely color of “kittery point green” Benjamin Moore HC-119 and then started thinking of ways to incorporate different tones into the fireplace that would complement the new color.

Without rambling on in more tedious detail, here is the result:


It looks like a different room.

This is a great fireplace in the home of a lovely family and deserved a fresh, new look.

Now it’s ready for family photos and great artwork.  Bring on winter!

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