Repeating Patterns

I’m taking a break from “before and after” shots and “see what I did?” stuff to talk about what my eye is drawn to.

I recently took a photography class (I know, right?) to see if I could even begin to develop my photography skills before investing in a grown up camera (Nikon D90, hint, hint).  We walked around downtown Nashville and snapped away at whatever caught our interest.  I realized after reviewing my shots from the day that I was drawn to repeating patterns.  This is nothing new in the world of design but I wanted to share what I saw that day.

Row of Lights

Row of Awnings

Row of Musical Notes

These were not the only photos I took that day but there were so many of repeating patterns that I realized they struck a chord with me.  They create an interesting, mesmerizing, visual composition.

Row of Barstools

Rows of Balconies

Another Row of Lights

Row of Posters

In the world of decorating, I believe this is the allure of stencils, wallpaper, tile and all repeating elements that create visual interest.

Speaking of visual interest.

Visual Interest

Just had to throw this one in.  It is Nashville after all.

Thank you for indulging me.







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