Dramatic Dining Room

I think it is interesting that our society in general is in constant search of the fountain of youth. But we value agedness in some of the things around us. We will even go to lengths to make things look old and worn to match our decor or give interest to a setting.  In this case it definitely paid off.


Dramatic dining room

The new home owner decided to go with a dark trim in some key places; the dining room being one.

However, we took it a step farther and added some age to the embellishments here and there.

Aged medallion

Aged medallion

Not only the medallion but also the light fixture itself.

Dark light fixture

Dark light fixture

Painting a light fixture might not occur to most people but it was much easier than replacing it.

All of these elements started out in a light cream color.  Someday I’ll have the forethought to take before photos.

The effect is especially stunning on the columns leading into the dining room.

Aged column

Aged column

Aged column detail

Aged column detail

Another larger light fixture in the foyer sets the tone for this dark, dramatic effect.

Darkened chandelier

Darkened chandelier

That was fun to paint!

Chandelier closeup

Chandelier close up

These details give me goosebumps.  Yes, I am a design nerd.  I’m glad we’ve gotten that out in the open.

Once again, I am privileged and grateful to be a part of projects like this one.

Design by the lovely Heather Spriggs Thompson.

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