More Color

Recently, a friend asked me what my favorite color is.  We were trying to figure out if I am water, fire, earth or wind but that’s a subject for another post.

My answer was, “all of them!”.  I love color.  I just do. The more the merrier!  It makes me giddy when I see a little color party going on.

These images are from my foray away from the paint store and into the fabric store where a lot of little color parties were going on.

Colorful thread

Colorful thread party

Colorful ribbon

Colorful ribbon party

Colorful netting stuff

Colorful net stuff party

I don’t know what this stuff is called but isn’t it pretty?

I have a couple of possessions that I love dearly – first of all because they were both given to me by my precious 19 year old baby girl but also because they are full of color.  She knows me well.

The first is a book mark she made for me when she was about 15.

Colorful bookmark

Colorful bookmark

I love the pattern and especially the combination of colors.

The other is a winter scarf that she brought back from a trip she took.

Colorful scarf

Colorful scarf

Don’t get me wrong.  I love black and white.  And I do think it is possible to come up with the wrong combination of colors even though I can’t think of one right now!  Or maybe ever!

There you have it.  I’m hard pressed to come up with one color to declare my very favorite.  So from now on I’m going to ask people, “What is your favorite color combination?”

All the colors!

All the colors!

So? What is your favorite color combination?

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