Cabinet Trends

People are branching out with their cabinet choices since it is no longer necessary to replace the whole shebang to get a different look.  Paint, stain or a combination of the two can cover up your existing cabinet finish including those white melamine/thermafoil cabinets that are standard in many homes.

melamine cabinets

melamine cabinets

A current trend is different colors for the top and bottom cabinets as shown here at Apartment Therapy.

bicolor cabinetry

bicolor cabinetry

I can get on board with this since I love color.  Feels a little daring, a little outside the box. That’s how we roll.

Another trend is to paint or stain the island or peninsula a different color than the cabinets.

stained cabinets with black, distressed bar

stained cabinets with black, distressed bar

Here are some new finishes I recently made samples of thanks to Ande Crenshaw at Mojo Faux





There is no need to play it completely safe with your cabinet finish because it can be changed just like your wall color.

If you are ready for a change, call me and let’s create a custom finish for your cabinets!


4 thoughts on “Cabinet Trends

  1. The third cupboard is exactly what I’m looking for. Any chance you will share secrets on how to achieve this look?

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