Workspace fun!

Work can be fun! Especially when one gets to decorate their own workspace! That’s what went down with these two well-used desks.

Well-used desks

Well-used desks

They look like they’ve been instrumental in the education of countless children.

They found their way to my clients who decided to let their occupants choose their new finish.

And what creative imaginations those occupants have!

Creative workspaces

Creative workspaces

Even doing taxes could be more fun when sitting at a desk like either of these!

I used a chalkboard spray paint for the desk surfaces to increase the fun quotient even further!

Brilliant portrait

Brilliant portrait

I feel honored to have had my portrait drawn. It looks just like me!

I consider painting a fun workspace more fun than work!

Workspace designers

Workspace designers

Even the guy who helped to deliver the desks got in on the fun!

More fun!

More fun!

Consider sprucing up your workspace. We are all affected by our surroundings and making changes can drastically affect productivity and creativity!







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