Friends and Armoires

I love when my friends hire me to do projects for them.  I met Vanessa two years ago when we both joined the same running club. She is one of my favorite people to run with.  She manages to encourage me and kick my ass at the same time and always with a smile on her face!


Vanessa and me

We have had loads of fun whether running or doing other things; some of which I am unable to disclose. We may have had some thirteen year old girls take our picture standing on top of a table on my last birthday.

Vanessa and me on a table

Vanessa and me on a table

She had an armoire of raw wood that she wanted me to paint so that she would have a place to store all of her running shoes. Yes, some runners need an entire armoire to store their running shoes in and her collection is quite modest compared to some people I know.

Raw wood armoire

Raw wood armoire

After a fun evening of googling, pinteresting and texting back and forth we came up with this finish.


It has a gray base coat, white top coat distressed to show the gray, and gray glaze.

close up of finish

close up of finish

I sprayed the hardware with a hammered pewter spray paint to match.

It also has a fun surprise inside.

fun surprise

fun surprise

This project was a joy to do because of the finish we chose which I love and because of the fun surprise inside and because it was for someone whom I absolutely adore!

Here’s to many more interesting running experiences, painting projects and general fun with my girl, Vanessa!

running fun

running fun

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