Powder Room Bling

I am always glad to meet clients who have inspired ideas about what they want to accomplish with a room. This  client knew that powder rooms are a good place to implement a little more pizzaz than one might put in a regular bathroom.

This powder room started out as a typical powder room.  The possibilities are endless with a blank canvas.

Blank Powder Room

Blank Powder Room

She had experimented with some different glazes on the walls.

Experimental Glaze

Experimental Glaze

But couldn’t find the look she wanted. In the end she decided on a classic stencil to go with the style of the wainscoting. We used a metallic/pearl glaze to fill in the stencil and I think it was absolutely the right decision.

Classic Stencil

Classic Stencil

This transformation goes to show that a little bit of trial and error goes a long way in finding the right finish for a room that is a blank canvas. However, she wasn’t finished with just stenciling the walls.

She decided that the ceiling was the perfect place to put silver leaf and I couldn’t agree more! The silver leaf picked up the sheen of the metallic/pearl glaze in the stencil and put some beautiful bling in this classic powder room.

Silver Leaf Ceiling

Silver Leaf Ceiling

Don’t be afraid to go a little fancy in a powder room. It can be a great place to try new and different finishes.

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