I, Tresa Beard, being of mostly sound body and mind do hereby declare that I love to paint!

Tresa Beard, Owner & Artist

One of my earliest memories is of painting out on the back steps with my cheap, little watercolor set and lined notebook paper.  On a regular basis, I was known to steal the household scissors and glue in order to make masterpieces out of anything in sight.  Since then, I haven’t been able to contain my interest in all things artistic and my innate need to create.

Additionally, living in Europe and travelling to other parts of the world have enhanced my appreciation and experience in art and design.  Coupled with my education and work in psychology and art, the world has provided me with perspective and a toolkit that I continue to draw from for each new assignment.

All of this training and experience come together to allow me to view a space as a canvas.  My mission is to rid the world of bad paint jobs (!) and create living atmospheres that can become one’s own personal museum, forest, café, garden or sanctuary.

And for the opportunity to do this, I am continually grateful.