Chances are you’ve had this song stuck in your head sometime in the past few weeks. I have – more than once.


It is relevant to the latest canvas painting I did as a birthday present for my bff, Jill.

This is the two of us giving our best duck faces.



She loves the beach. I think it is her happy place. So I painted a beach scene for her!

Happy place

Happy place

She seemed very happy with it. As soon as she opened it she exclaimed, “I can’t hang this in the bathroom!”.

I knew she was looking for a beach scene to hang in her bathroom. It made me happy to make her happy and that’s a lot of happy!

What is your happy place?



Mirror, Mirror

This old mirror has quite a history.

Damaged mirror frame

Damaged mirror frame

It survived several generations of my client’s family and a voyage across the Atlantic ocean from Germany. It amazes me that the mirror never broke while the frame suffered some extensive damage.



I made a mold of a corner that was intact and used some cake decorating tools to rebuild this corner and some other missing pieces. Then I waved my magic paintbrush to give it a new finish and here is the end result.

Restored mirror frame

Restored mirror frame

This is the rebuilt corner.

Rebuilt corner

Rebuilt corner

And here it is back in its home getting ready to be hung in the dining room.

Restored mirror

Restored mirror

I love a challenge!

And a good story behind any piece that needs to be restored.

Exploring The Same Color Palette

Most of the time I like to explore different color combinations and moods in my paintings. Color is meant to be mixed in different combinations at the whim of the artist or as the scene dictates. However, I decided to keep the same palette as the last abstract piece I posted here and explore a different composition.

It makes me think of pasta; same ingredients different shapes.

Here is the outcome:

Bright color palette; different composition

Bright color palette; different composition

I may decide I like this one better.

What do you think?

More Commissioned Art

The only thing I love more than color is a client who loves color. This particular client wanted an abstract piece that would add some joie de vivre to her earth tone living space. I would say we more than accomplished that goal. This painting was so much fun to do!

River of Color

River of Color

Sometimes it’s like saying good bye to an old friend so we had our picture taken!

Tresa and her happy place (with Bob Marley)

Tresa and her happy place (with Bob Marley)

And here it is brightening up it’s new home!

Joie de vivre

Joie de vivre

Have I said lately how much I love my job?

Always grateful.

Master of all Baths

This grand master bathroom had it all! Double sinks, sunken tub, separate shower and beautiful tile. The only thing it was missing was a wall treatment.

The client choose to go with an old world crackle plaster over a multicolor dark green base to tie in with the existing tile. Great choice in my opinion!

Vanity before

Vanity before


Vanity after

Shower before

Shower before

Shower after

Shower after

Bathtub before

Bathtub before

Bathtub after

Bathtub after

My apologies for the photographer (ahem) but this finish gives this room some depth and texture that made me never want to leave. And it was so much fun to do!

Major master bathroom win! Props to Ande Crenshaw at Mojo Faux for her excellent skills in teaching me this finish.

Contact Atmospheres for a lovely faux finish to complete any room.

Color Quiz

I have found a compelling combination of my fascination with color and my psychology degree in this fun little color quiz.

Both times that I have taken it, the results were eerily accurate. Have fun finding out what your color choices say about you. We won’t judge! Color quiz here

Lack of Restraint

This is what I did today when I should have been doing something else.  I needed to loosen up, exercise lack of restraint, blow off some steam, let go of the expectations, parameters, and requirements. I could go on. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that my massage therapist broke his hand and has been rehabilitating for the last six weeks. Hi, Robert!  Hope you’re getting better!

Wild Thang

Unrestrained acrylic on canvas

There are some moments in this painting that make me positively giddy!

Giddy Moment

giddy moment

What do you do to blow off steam creatively?

Commissioned Art

I’ve painted on many different surfaces this year with many different kinds of paint.  I’ve recently had the opportunity to do a commissioned 4’x6′ acrylic on canvas abstract painting. Talk about exciting!


Allegory Falls

I love my job. Comments are welcome because I find myself without words. That is why I paint.

More Color

Recently, a friend asked me what my favorite color is.  We were trying to figure out if I am water, fire, earth or wind but that’s a subject for another post.

My answer was, “all of them!”.  I love color.  I just do. The more the merrier!  It makes me giddy when I see a little color party going on.

These images are from my foray away from the paint store and into the fabric store where a lot of little color parties were going on.

Colorful thread

Colorful thread party

Colorful ribbon

Colorful ribbon party

Colorful netting stuff

Colorful net stuff party

I don’t know what this stuff is called but isn’t it pretty?

I have a couple of possessions that I love dearly – first of all because they were both given to me by my precious 19 year old baby girl but also because they are full of color.  She knows me well.

The first is a book mark she made for me when she was about 15.

Colorful bookmark

Colorful bookmark

I love the pattern and especially the combination of colors.

The other is a winter scarf that she brought back from a trip she took.

Colorful scarf

Colorful scarf

Don’t get me wrong.  I love black and white.  And I do think it is possible to come up with the wrong combination of colors even though I can’t think of one right now!  Or maybe ever!

There you have it.  I’m hard pressed to come up with one color to declare my very favorite.  So from now on I’m going to ask people, “What is your favorite color combination?”

All the colors!

All the colors!

So? What is your favorite color combination?

What is Art?

What is art? That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it?  Let’s rephrase it and ask “what is art to you?”.  I rarely hang anything on my wall unless it has some significance to me.  Sometimes my walls are bare for awhile until I find the right piece to live there.

I currently have this picture hanging in my house.


Polish chicken

The significance to me is that I think they are quirky and mesmerizing.  Also the thought of having a Polish chicken hanging on the wall makes me giggle.  And I lived in Poland for a few years.  Plenty of meaning there.

I’m thinking about adding this one.  Or maybe I will change them out periodically.

Another Polish chicken

Another Polish chicken

Absolutely stunning in my opinion!

I also have this image hanging on my wall.



This is a picture I got off the internet.  I don’t know who it is.  It grabbed me because for some reason I can feel what she is feeling.  It’s how I feel on the inside.

I bought this painting at an antique mall.

Belly dancer

Belly dancer

I do not happen to feel like this on the inside but I do love the movement and the colors.

Here are some pieces that I do NOT have hanging on my walls but I really wish I did.

"Dancing in the Rain I" by Kathryn Trotter Art

“Dancing in the Rain I” by Kathryn Trotter Art

"Solitude" by Loui Jover

“Solitude” by Loui Jover

"Ovum Rex" by Zachary Brown

“Ovum Rex” by Zachary Brown

Do you love the pictures you have hanging on your walls?

What is art to you?