Friends and Armoires

I love when my friends hire me to do projects for them.  I met Vanessa two years ago when we both joined the same running club. She is one of my favorite people to run with.  She manages to encourage me and kick my ass at the same time and always with a smile on her face!


Vanessa and me

We have had loads of fun whether running or doing other things; some of which I am unable to disclose. We may have had some thirteen year old girls take our picture standing on top of a table on my last birthday.

Vanessa and me on a table

Vanessa and me on a table

She had an armoire of raw wood that she wanted me to paint so that she would have a place to store all of her running shoes. Yes, some runners need an entire armoire to store their running shoes in and her collection is quite modest compared to some people I know.

Raw wood armoire

Raw wood armoire

After a fun evening of googling, pinteresting and texting back and forth we came up with this finish.


It has a gray base coat, white top coat distressed to show the gray, and gray glaze.

close up of finish

close up of finish

I sprayed the hardware with a hammered pewter spray paint to match.

It also has a fun surprise inside.

fun surprise

fun surprise

This project was a joy to do because of the finish we chose which I love and because of the fun surprise inside and because it was for someone whom I absolutely adore!

Here’s to many more interesting running experiences, painting projects and general fun with my girl, Vanessa!

running fun

running fun

Workspace fun!

Work can be fun! Especially when one gets to decorate their own workspace! That’s what went down with these two well-used desks.

Well-used desks

Well-used desks

They look like they’ve been instrumental in the education of countless children.

They found their way to my clients who decided to let their occupants choose their new finish.

And what creative imaginations those occupants have!

Creative workspaces

Creative workspaces

Even doing taxes could be more fun when sitting at a desk like either of these!

I used a chalkboard spray paint for the desk surfaces to increase the fun quotient even further!

Brilliant portrait

Brilliant portrait

I feel honored to have had my portrait drawn. It looks just like me!

I consider painting a fun workspace more fun than work!

Workspace designers

Workspace designers

Even the guy who helped to deliver the desks got in on the fun!

More fun!

More fun!

Consider sprucing up your workspace. We are all affected by our surroundings and making changes can drastically affect productivity and creativity!







I recently painted this desk.


Colorful desk

Yes, I did this on purpose you may want to ask and it was fun!

It was inspired by a piece I saw at a client’s house pictured here.

Client's furniture

Client’s furniture

Side view

Side view

If this style of furniture has a name, I don’t know what it is.  Inadvertent design?  Accidental decor? Regardless of its origin, I happen to love it!

The desk I painted was not painstakingly planned and thought out.  Shocking, I know but I used what I had on hand.

Speaking of accidental art, I snapped this picture of the leg of my work pants because I liked the composition.  It inspired me because it was not deliberate. Laugh if you must but I do not discriminate on where I find inspiration!

Tresa's masterpiece

Tresa’s masterpiece

I saw this piece at a store and determined this may be a growing trend.

Trendy furniture

Trendy furniture

In my world, I like to believe that these pieces were either put together from leftover materials or have some interesting and harrowing history instead of being manufactured in a factory.

So that is what I choose to believe about this picture currently being circulated on Pinterest and tumblr.  Its colors are vibrant and captivating and could tell an adventurous story.

Captivating colors

Captivating colors

What do you think? Beguiling or garish?

Polka dots and Poetry

Repurposing furniture is currently where it’s at. This little cutie wasn’t nearly as memorable when it was plain white.


Pink polka dot dresser

Measles?  Maybe. Whimsical?  Definitely!  It goes with the fun that is this little girl’s princess, fairy tale room.


Whimsical furniture

And it reminds me of a poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins:

Pied Beauty

Glory be to God for dappled things— 
For skies of couple-colour as a brinded cow; 
For rose-moles all in stipple upon trout that swim; 
Fresh-firecoal chestnut-falls; finches’ wings; 
Landscape plotted and pieced—fold, fallow, and plough; 
And áll trádes, their gear and tackle and trim. 
All things counter, original, spare, strange; 
Whatever is fickle, freckled (who knows how?) 
With swift, slow; sweet, sour; adazzle, dim; 
He fathers-forth whose beauty is past change: Praise Him.

Thank you for indulging my foray away from paint and into poetry for a moment.

There are sure to be other bunny trails in the future. Stay tuned.

Party room!

There is no doubt that the message this room conveys is “fun”!  It is a different spin on girly.


The chevron pattern of the pillows is reflected in the color band on the walls.


A little black chandelier gives some sparkle to the bold lines and complementary patterns.

A desk for studying and a patterned reading chair add to the interest and functionality of this visually stunning room.

Patterns like this are some of my favorite things to paint.  The possibilities are endless.

Which room in your house could use a little fun?




Princess bathroom

This is a bathroom fit for a princess or two actually since it is shared by two sisters.  It is the epitome of sparkly and all things girly.

The walls are covered with a glitter glaze over a light gray base coat.

The cabinets are painted a metallic silver

I love the contrast of the antique vanity with all the sparkle.

A sweet chandelier adds to the glamour.

And a leopard’s print shower curtain gives the room some sass!

I love that the owner was willing to go all out for this bathroom.  It’s every little girl’s dream!

Have you done anything bold lately?

Upholstery painting

You may get tired of me saying that I will paint anything but this project falls into that category.

I originally bought this oversize chair to put in a teenage hangout space.  I got it for $25 on craigslist.  It wasn’t very pretty but made up for that in comfort and price.

kind of ugly

Plans changed and I no longer needed it for the teen hangout but didn’t want to get rid of it either.  However, it seriously did not fit into my current decor in any way and I cringed every time I looked at it next to my Benjamin Moore “Agave” colored walls.  The chair was only $25 so I didn’t really want to have it reupholstered and I liked the fringe and didn’t know if it could be saved through the reupholstery process.

I asked my friend, the internet, about it and you can imagine how thrilled I was to learn of the product “Simply Spray”  for changing the color of upholstery.  The fringe on the chair included a nice burgundy color that was available in the spray so I took the plunge and ordered some.

Here is the result:


Now this is a chair I can live with.

Here are the lessons I learned through this process that might help you decide if this is something you want to try.

  • This chair is corduroy which probably required more paint than a flat fabric would.
  • The paint cost more than the chair.
  • The fabric is still soft if you run your hand with the nap.  It feels stiff against the nap but that might be another corduroy issue.
  • It required 3 applications.  Probably another corduroy issue.
  • The color is staying fast and has held up to moderate use.
  • This would be great for stenciling.

I’m glad I was able to find a solution to keep the chair and I think Simply Spray is a good product if not a little pricey.  This is not a paid endorsement.  Just passing on my experience!

Maybe it will help you save a piece of furniture you love that needs a new color.


Oh, how I love contrast!

I think stripes are the epitome of contrast.  Bold or subtle, they can add interest to any room.

This is one of my favorites.


This fun, young ladies room has many elements of contrast to it.

Zebra stripes!

But this is my favorite!

My favorite!

A 100 year old, antique bed next to all those stripes!  Talk about contrast.

Oh, and don’t forget to notice the sky blue ceiling.  It makes me happy.

And just a peak across the hall at baby brother’s room.

More stripes!

What a fun place!