Beautiful Powder Room, Beautiful Friends

I love doing projects for my friends. I’ve known Kelly for about three years. We met through running. She was a mentor in my Couch to 5k group. She would notice when my face was very red and ask if I was okay!

Sporting new running shoes

Sporting new running shoes

We bonded over our love for dancing. There really should be more dancing in life! We still run together and meet for coffee most every week. On my last birthday she showed up with pink flowers and a balloon!

Birthday coffee with Kelly

Birthday coffee with Kelly

Kelly just recently became engaged to Judd. Now I am friends with Judd because 1. A person can never have enough friends and 2. Who wouldn’t want to be friends with Judd? He is an awesome guy and I couldn’t be more happy for them!

Friends with Kelly and Judd

Friends with Kelly and Judd

Ok, lets get on to the powder room! Kelly and Judd have a new house and asked me to do a finish in the half bath.  Kelly had seen a lovely stencil in a parade of homes and asked if we could do something similar. Half baths are good rooms to do something with a little more bling and bling we did! As usual I didn’t get a “before” picture but the walls were a light beige. Use your imagination. This finish is a mixture of metallic and pearl paint over an espresso lusterstone.

Stenciled powder room

Stenciled powder room

Stencil close up

Stencil close up

There are only so many angles in a powder room

I love the way this finish reflects the light. It is a one of a kind.

I’m so glad I got to do this project for such wonderful friends! I wish them all the best!

Superior Barn Doors

Before you start to think I’ve become blindingly overcongratulatory about my projects, let me explain the wording of this title. Over the past year I have developed a relationship with Superior Custom Homes and Remodeling. They build beautiful new homes as well as remodel existing houses and I’ve been very fortunate to connect with them.

Many of their remodels include kitchens and they have sent me many referrals to finish existing kitchen cabinets as part of the updating process.

They have a lovely showroom and asked me to finish a couple of barn doors that function as office doors in their space.

The first is a rusted patina finish.

Rusted Barn Door

Rusted Barn Door

Barn doors are so much fun. They are truly a creative element to any door way.

The second door is recreated reclaimed wood.

Faux Reclaimed Wood Barn Door

Faux Reclaimed Wood Barn Door

These projects were so much fun to do! Do I say that in every post? Along with loving the work, I have the best clients around and that is what makes it so rewarding.


Talking with Tammy, Superior’s office manager

I have a few cabinet samples on display in their showroom, and I did a faux brick finish on a half wall there as well.


Cabinet samples


Faux Brick Half Wall

Thank you to Superior Custom Homes & Remodeling. Check out their website to see their amazing work!


Thanksgiving Thoughts

Hello, all!  I took a quick trip to NYC before Thanksgiving and visited the United Nations by invitation of the ambassador to Panama. I saw this mosaic by Norman Rockwell:




It has the golden rule written on it, a concept shared by many different religions- a concept we could benefit giving our attention to this season. Happy thanksgiving to the vast array of friends, followers, clients, family, and colleagues!


A photo of me with my brother and sister who I traveled with.


Powder Room Bling

I am always glad to meet clients who have inspired ideas about what they want to accomplish with a room. This  client knew that powder rooms are a good place to implement a little more pizzaz than one might put in a regular bathroom.

This powder room started out as a typical powder room.  The possibilities are endless with a blank canvas.

Blank Powder Room

Blank Powder Room

She had experimented with some different glazes on the walls.

Experimental Glaze

Experimental Glaze

But couldn’t find the look she wanted. In the end she decided on a classic stencil to go with the style of the wainscoting. We used a metallic/pearl glaze to fill in the stencil and I think it was absolutely the right decision.

Classic Stencil

Classic Stencil

This transformation goes to show that a little bit of trial and error goes a long way in finding the right finish for a room that is a blank canvas. However, she wasn’t finished with just stenciling the walls.

She decided that the ceiling was the perfect place to put silver leaf and I couldn’t agree more! The silver leaf picked up the sheen of the metallic/pearl glaze in the stencil and put some beautiful bling in this classic powder room.

Silver Leaf Ceiling

Silver Leaf Ceiling

Don’t be afraid to go a little fancy in a powder room. It can be a great place to try new and different finishes.


Chances are you’ve had this song stuck in your head sometime in the past few weeks. I have – more than once.


It is relevant to the latest canvas painting I did as a birthday present for my bff, Jill.

This is the two of us giving our best duck faces.



She loves the beach. I think it is her happy place. So I painted a beach scene for her!

Happy place

Happy place

She seemed very happy with it. As soon as she opened it she exclaimed, “I can’t hang this in the bathroom!”.

I knew she was looking for a beach scene to hang in her bathroom. It made me happy to make her happy and that’s a lot of happy!

What is your happy place?



Counter tops and tables

Once again I am giddy with delight at the new (to me) and wonderful options available to change outdated decor. Granite seems to be where it is at as far as kitchen counter tops go. I think that faux granite may be able to give it some stiff competition!

The following are some samples of the AurastoneTM system.











The benefits of this resurfacing technique are:

  • Eco friendly and USDA approved
  • Seamless application over existing surfaces
  • Limitless colors and designs
  • Heat and scratch resistant

Custom counter tops indeed! This system can also be used for tables, bars, walls, vanities and much more!


Many thanks to the very talented Igor Turovskiy for teaching me these beautiful and diverse finishes.

Contact Atmospheres to find out more about counter top options!

Happy Earth Day!

I have not literally tended my garden yet this year. I do love to plant flowers. Who can resist all those colors?

In honor of Earth Day, I’m posting photos of the lovely things in my garden that have come back to visit me this year without any coaxing.



Petunias will forever remind me of my mother. These happen to be supertunias! Soon they will take over the whole bed!


I don’t remember what these are. Some kind of phlox? Anybody know?



Go dig in the dirt today, look for a four leaf clover or just stop to smell the roses.

Happy Earth Day!






Lack of Restraint

This is what I did today when I should have been doing something else.  I needed to loosen up, exercise lack of restraint, blow off some steam, let go of the expectations, parameters, and requirements. I could go on. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that my massage therapist broke his hand and has been rehabilitating for the last six weeks. Hi, Robert!  Hope you’re getting better!

Wild Thang

Unrestrained acrylic on canvas

There are some moments in this painting that make me positively giddy!

Giddy Moment

giddy moment

What do you do to blow off steam creatively?

What is Art?

What is art? That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it?  Let’s rephrase it and ask “what is art to you?”.  I rarely hang anything on my wall unless it has some significance to me.  Sometimes my walls are bare for awhile until I find the right piece to live there.

I currently have this picture hanging in my house.


Polish chicken

The significance to me is that I think they are quirky and mesmerizing.  Also the thought of having a Polish chicken hanging on the wall makes me giggle.  And I lived in Poland for a few years.  Plenty of meaning there.

I’m thinking about adding this one.  Or maybe I will change them out periodically.

Another Polish chicken

Another Polish chicken

Absolutely stunning in my opinion!

I also have this image hanging on my wall.



This is a picture I got off the internet.  I don’t know who it is.  It grabbed me because for some reason I can feel what she is feeling.  It’s how I feel on the inside.

I bought this painting at an antique mall.

Belly dancer

Belly dancer

I do not happen to feel like this on the inside but I do love the movement and the colors.

Here are some pieces that I do NOT have hanging on my walls but I really wish I did.

"Dancing in the Rain I" by Kathryn Trotter Art

“Dancing in the Rain I” by Kathryn Trotter Art

"Solitude" by Loui Jover

“Solitude” by Loui Jover

"Ovum Rex" by Zachary Brown

“Ovum Rex” by Zachary Brown

Do you love the pictures you have hanging on your walls?

What is art to you?




What will be your canvas?

I love Street Art Utopia.

I especially love their motto “We declare the world as our canvas”.

What an awesome medium!  The creativity and talents of many artists make up this site.  Their work is inspiring, thought provoking and challenging.

Sometimes it just makes me giggle.

Street Art Utopia

Street Art Utopia

I started to think about the coming year and what it would bring and what might my canvas be?

blank canvas

blank canvas

A blank canvas of this kind is both thrilling and terrifying to me.  The possibilities are endless, the completion immensely gratifying but it’s the process that thrills me.

There are so many blank canvases to choose from.

blank canvas

blank canvas

blank canvas

blank canvas

blank canvas

blank canvas

Do they thrill you?  Terrify you? Challenge you?

Madeleine L’Engle said it best:

Obedience is an unpopular word nowadays, but the artist must be obedient to the work, whether it be a symphony, a painting, or a story for a small child. I believe that each work of art, whether it is a work of great genius, or something very small, comes to the artist and says, “Here I am. Enflesh me. Give birth to me.” And the artist either says, “My soul doth magnify the Lord,” and willingly becomes the bearer of the work, or refuses; but the obedient response is not necessarily a conscious one, and not everyone has the humble, courageous obedience of Mary.

May 2013 be a rewarding, challenging and awe inspiring canvas for you.