Bonus Stripes

I’ve always felt that I was a bit odd in that I get a little thrill out of projects that can be tedious. This one falls into that category.

This awesome bonus room is thirty feet of bonus.

Awesome Bonus Room

Awesome Bonus Room

And this awesome client loves stripes. Remember this?

Pink Stripes

And I love her and her whole family. And stripes.

So we set about striping this thirty foot bonus room. That is a lot of painter’s tape!

Blue Tape Stripes

Blue Tape Stripes

Piles of Tape

Piles of Tape

However, it was worth the miles of tape and measuring and leveling to reach the stunning result.

Finished Stripes

Finished Stripes

End Stripes

End Stripes

I love this idea and I think the gray stripes give this room an interesting and playful atmosphere since it functions as a bedroom for three awesome boys.

I fully endorse the use of stripes whether vertical or horizontal.  They can be subtle or bold and always add some fun to any space.

“No More Elephants” Bar Area

It was time to update this lovely little bar area and that was the first thing my client said as I started to cover up the wall paper, “no more elephants”.

Here is the bar before:

Bar before

Bar before

A wine rack had been incorporated into the cabinetry so a new finish would be needed for consistency.

Wine rack addition

Wine rack addition

Here are the lovely results. The walls now have a stunning dark brown plaster with some metallic peeking through.

Bar after

Bar after

And the cabinets are a cream base with a light “chocolate” glaze.


And it ties in beautifully with the granite countertop! Updating just feels so good!

Master of all Baths

This grand master bathroom had it all! Double sinks, sunken tub, separate shower and beautiful tile. The only thing it was missing was a wall treatment.

The client choose to go with an old world crackle plaster over a multicolor dark green base to tie in with the existing tile. Great choice in my opinion!

Vanity before

Vanity before


Vanity after

Shower before

Shower before

Shower after

Shower after

Bathtub before

Bathtub before

Bathtub after

Bathtub after

My apologies for the photographer (ahem) but this finish gives this room some depth and texture that made me never want to leave. And it was so much fun to do!

Major master bathroom win! Props to Ande Crenshaw at Mojo Faux for her excellent skills in teaching me this finish.

Contact Atmospheres for a lovely faux finish to complete any room.

What is Art?

What is art? That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it?  Let’s rephrase it and ask “what is art to you?”.  I rarely hang anything on my wall unless it has some significance to me.  Sometimes my walls are bare for awhile until I find the right piece to live there.

I currently have this picture hanging in my house.


Polish chicken

The significance to me is that I think they are quirky and mesmerizing.  Also the thought of having a Polish chicken hanging on the wall makes me giggle.  And I lived in Poland for a few years.  Plenty of meaning there.

I’m thinking about adding this one.  Or maybe I will change them out periodically.

Another Polish chicken

Another Polish chicken

Absolutely stunning in my opinion!

I also have this image hanging on my wall.



This is a picture I got off the internet.  I don’t know who it is.  It grabbed me because for some reason I can feel what she is feeling.  It’s how I feel on the inside.

I bought this painting at an antique mall.

Belly dancer

Belly dancer

I do not happen to feel like this on the inside but I do love the movement and the colors.

Here are some pieces that I do NOT have hanging on my walls but I really wish I did.

"Dancing in the Rain I" by Kathryn Trotter Art

“Dancing in the Rain I” by Kathryn Trotter Art

"Solitude" by Loui Jover

“Solitude” by Loui Jover

"Ovum Rex" by Zachary Brown

“Ovum Rex” by Zachary Brown

Do you love the pictures you have hanging on your walls?

What is art to you?




Baseball mural, anyone?

It brings me much joy to integrate an element into a room that is personal and valuable to the owner.  Painting this mural was one of those times. It’s not as permanent as a tattoo but makes as profound a statement about what is important to a person.

In this case, that someone would be a 13 year old boy who loves to play baseball.

And this is now a wall in his bedroom.


Baseball mural

In collaboration with the talented Heather Spriggs Thompson, I think painting this mural was the most fun I’ve had this month!

Anybody have a wall and something near and dear to their heart to put on it?  Call me!

Party room!

There is no doubt that the message this room conveys is “fun”!  It is a different spin on girly.


The chevron pattern of the pillows is reflected in the color band on the walls.


A little black chandelier gives some sparkle to the bold lines and complementary patterns.

A desk for studying and a patterned reading chair add to the interest and functionality of this visually stunning room.

Patterns like this are some of my favorite things to paint.  The possibilities are endless.

Which room in your house could use a little fun?




Princess bathroom

This is a bathroom fit for a princess or two actually since it is shared by two sisters.  It is the epitome of sparkly and all things girly.

The walls are covered with a glitter glaze over a light gray base coat.

The cabinets are painted a metallic silver

I love the contrast of the antique vanity with all the sparkle.

A sweet chandelier adds to the glamour.

And a leopard’s print shower curtain gives the room some sass!

I love that the owner was willing to go all out for this bathroom.  It’s every little girl’s dream!

Have you done anything bold lately?


Oh, how I love contrast!

I think stripes are the epitome of contrast.  Bold or subtle, they can add interest to any room.

This is one of my favorites.


This fun, young ladies room has many elements of contrast to it.

Zebra stripes!

But this is my favorite!

My favorite!

A 100 year old, antique bed next to all those stripes!  Talk about contrast.

Oh, and don’t forget to notice the sky blue ceiling.  It makes me happy.

And just a peak across the hall at baby brother’s room.

More stripes!

What a fun place!