Exploring The Same Color Palette

Most of the time I like to explore different color combinations and moods in my paintings. Color is meant to be mixed in different combinations at the whim of the artist or as the scene dictates. However, I decided to keep the same palette as the last abstract piece I posted here and explore a different composition.

It makes me think of pasta; same ingredients different shapes.

Here is the outcome:

Bright color palette; different composition

Bright color palette; different composition

I may decide I like this one better.

What do you think?

More Commissioned Art

The only thing I love more than color is a client who loves color. This particular client wanted an abstract piece that would add some joie de vivre to her earth tone living space. I would say we more than accomplished that goal. This painting was so much fun to do!

River of Color

River of Color

Sometimes it’s like saying good bye to an old friend so we had our picture taken!

Tresa and her happy place (with Bob Marley)

Tresa and her happy place (with Bob Marley)

And here it is brightening up it’s new home!

Joie de vivre

Joie de vivre

Have I said lately how much I love my job?

Always grateful.

Lack of Restraint

This is what I did today when I should have been doing something else.  I needed to loosen up, exercise lack of restraint, blow off some steam, let go of the expectations, parameters, and requirements. I could go on. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that my massage therapist broke his hand and has been rehabilitating for the last six weeks. Hi, Robert!  Hope you’re getting better!

Wild Thang

Unrestrained acrylic on canvas

There are some moments in this painting that make me positively giddy!

Giddy Moment

giddy moment

What do you do to blow off steam creatively?